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Dutch 5 B.V.
Based in The Hague, Netherlands


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Bruut 3D RTS Mobile Game

Dutch 5 B.V.
Binckhorstlaan 36, unit M1.54
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The Netherlands

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We are an independent Dutch Game Studio, developing hardcore mobile strategy games from our cosy downtown studio in The Hague. We distinguish ourselves by our unique graphic style, special attention to the story, innovative gameplay and an amazing shared spirit that thrives on sharing ideas and experience. Dutch5 started with a childhood dream of its founder and the first four guys who believed in it.


The life of the founder reads like a children’s book. As a young boy, he devoured Manga cartoons, especially those with robots. At that time, he drew his first robot and planned his philosophy study. However, it went in a completely different direction. He ended up at his family’s horticultural employment agency in Holland. While picking tomatoes, robots still enthralled him. As a result, the tomato picker from then is now the owner of Dutch5, working on the first Dutch Mobile Real Time Strategy Game. In the leading role (how could it be otherwise) are robots.

Aydin’s childhood dream has grown into our professional Dutch game studio. We are a family of gamers creating art, code, strategy and more together. We almost perfectly resemble the Dutch ‘consensus culture’, ambition, courage and yes arrogance. We are, just like our founder, all aiming to achieve our personal dreams, because we believe we can. We at Dutch5 share ideas and experience, work hard and are loyal to our mutual goals.

PERSBERICHT – Van tomatenplukker tot eigen gamestudio


BRUUT Presskit

Developed by:
Dutch 5 B.V.
Based in The Hague, Netherlands


BRUUT game

3D Mobile RTS game for Android / IOS

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Game storyline
August 1943, ‘Operation Hydra’ begins. German special projects base Peenemünde suffered heavy damage from Allied bombardments, effectively rendering the base useless. Abandoned and ignored by all, just one secret robotics project continued its work.

In April ’45 Allied aerial reconnaissance finally uncovered this well-advanced project. Conventional bombardments proved futile, resulting in numerous losses and a shocking conclusion. The robotic machinery seemed to fully operate on its own! Desperate to stop this new and unexpected threat, the Allied powers responded with a nuclear bombardment of the base. This triggered a devastating nuclear counter-attack from the machines.

Mighty robot warlords have arisen from the fall-out, battling each other for dominance over the bones of the earth. To this effect they deploy bold robot commanders who must scout and explore the dangerous post-apocalyptic world, scouring the wasteland for scrap and precious resources to create unique armies of their own.

Marshaling their battle-ready robots, commanders compete with rivalling armies to rise within the ranks of their faction, or band together in an alliance and accomplish epic feats. All with the aim of becoming more powerful than any robot commander has ever been before, perhaps even greater than the warlords themselves.